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As I lay and float

I lay and float.

I stare at the blue skies and soft clouds.


There is not a care in the world.

This is how life should be.



Be kind

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

Be kind.


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Don’t take shit. Don’t give up.

Dear old self,

Well done you! Well done for finishing law school and for getting a reasonably well paid graduate job in probably one of the most exciting industry in a very short amount period of time. It may not have been what you wanted originally but I applaud you for rolling with the punches, working with what you have and frankly, for making the very best of what could potentially be a very sticky situation. I know you did not picture this, certainly not during the day of your graduation, where all you can think about is how fucking awesome the grad party is going to be!

But here you are, stuck in Brunei, hiding behind a tiny computer screen, haven’t got a single clue what the position of ‘legal apprentice’ entails but do not worry, it will certainly be an experience. The relationship that you build here, I must agree, will most likely last you a life time. Do not fret the morning commute. Do not forget to take your parents out to dinner.

Like most people your age, with new found hard earned money, you are eager to feed your young blood. And this is absolutely fine. 2013 will certainly be a year to be remembered – a year of excess and debauchery. And that is absolutely fine. 2013 is the year to be proud off. You will travel extensively and meet people from all walks of life. I applaud you again, for taking the initiative to be more cultured and continually better yourself amidst all the craziness. Time flies when you are having fun and 2013 is the year.

I congratulate you from the future and I believe you deserve a pat in the back. Things may have been all fun and games now but please do keep in mind what you have set your heart on initially. Do not lose yourself. Be kind and true but still live the adventure. You will be surprised how you can function properly with very little sleep. Juggling everything on your plate is probably one for the circus clowns but you have shown signs of adapting to the new environment. You are on the right track.

However, I caution you that all good things must come to an end. But again do not worry. It is not the end, but the beginning of something embryonically better. View it as an adventure with the mysteries waiting to unfold. You placed your bets, took a risk and I am sorry to say, you lost. I do not know what the future entails from here on but please take it as a learning experience and never ever lose sight of the prize. Everything happens for a reason. You have strong perseverance and resilience — use that to your advantage. Keep sane. Don’t take shit. Don’t give up.


Future Affy


Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

I took this photo at a random guesthouse in Miri, Malaysia.


100 chicken nuggets challenge

100 McDonald's chicken nuggets challenge

Never again. Failed.